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Here at Alpha Flags and Banners we pride ourselves on providing quality workmanship with extremely competitive prices. We are experienced flag makers specializing in the manufacture of superior quality flags and banners. With over 30 years experience in the flag making trade we are able to combine traditional values with the latest technology.

We strive to offer flags at an affordable price but without compromising on quality and detail, thereby ensuring that when you buy a flag from us, you know you are getting the best possible deal.

Our flags are manufactured to MOD specifications using the highest quality materials. The flags are mainly sewn throughout but we also supply printed flags for larger quantities. We applique, screen print or digitally print flags, banners and bunting.

We are custom flag makers and can make flags and banners for all occasions including all countries of the world, with worldwide shipping and also quantity discounts.

We also manufacture the full range of USA flags including all State flags as well as bunting, pennants and ensigns. We produce quality printed PVC and Textile Banners, Feather flags and Sail banners.

For football flags, Sailing flags, golfing flags, in fact any kind of flag, order from us with complete confidence and peace of mind.

If, having browsed our website, you cannot find what you are looking for or are unsure of your requirements then please do not hesitate to contact us either by email at sales@alphaflags.co.uk or through our contact us form, or by telephoning 01752 696696.


A Brief History of Flags

Flags were first used as an aid in the co-ordination of troops on the battlefield but they have since become useful for signalling or as a visual method of identification.

Practically all countries have national flags made up of colours that are representative or symbolic to their country, these flags are patriotic symbols that are looked upon with great pride by the countries inhabitants.

Nowadays flags are widely used for messaging and in the advertising industry, they are also greatly used for decorative purposes during many social and sporting events.

In 1957 the term vexillology was coined to describe the study of the history and usage of flags, whilst a person who studies flags or has an interest in them is referred to as a Vexillologist.

A flag designer is known as a Vexillographer and someone who likes flags is called a Vexillophile.





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