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National flags size 1yd – 4yds. The proportions will vary depending on the country as they all have their specific ratios and proportions. However, here in the UK, we generally stick to the 2:1 ratio, which has been the Union’s proportion for many years. There has been a debate recently on whether the Union should be a 3:2 ratio, as the 2:1 ratio has been considered unwieldy. This was due to the ceremonial parades when the proportions were regarded as unfit for pole bearing. Many flag companies and flag users continue to use the 2:1 ratio.

Most of our National flags are sewn throughout but we are also able to produce digitally printed versions. We use quality nylon bonded threads and strengthened webbing in all our flags. All flags come complete with rope and toggle unless otherwise directed. Please let us know if you require a different fixing and we will be happy to oblige. To prolong the life of your flag, antifray can be added at an extra cost but please be aware of any nearby obstructive objects that may catch the netting. This may lead to damage as it may cause your flag to tear.

All fabrics, fittings and printing are produced here in the UK. We use local sources when available and the minimum packaging to help with our carbon footprint.

To help with the longevity of your flags, it is best to take them down during inclement weather. Never store wet flags. Always dry out before putting them away.

Information regarding National flags

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