Historic Flags

Fragment of Nelson’s Flag

In 2018, part of a Union flag said to be flown from Nelson’s ship, sold at auction for £297,000. The fragment dating from circa 1801-1805, measured a mere 36″ x 34″ and is believed to be either from the bottom right, or the top left section of the Union that was placed on Nelson’s coffin.

The piece was made up of hand-woven red, white and blue fabric and the separate sections were all hand-stitched together. It must have taken many hours of work to produce as the Union is a complicated flag to make, even with today’s electric sewing machines.

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Changes to French Flag

In July 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron decided to revert the blue of the French flag to navy. This was the correct shade until it was changed from the darker blue to a lighter blue, in 1976, to match the European Union flag. Apparently, not many people have acknowledged this change and continue to use the lighter blue. However, we have asked our customers to choose which blue they wished us to use. They all opted for navy blue. Henceforth, navy is the shade we shall use from now on.

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Ukraine national flag unity

Orders for the Ukraine national flag have gone through the roof. It has been difficult to keep up with the demand, as many in the UK wish to show their support for the people of Ukraine. Our thoughts are with them at this dreadful time.

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